The WHY! Company offers a variety of training and development opportunities to help our clients set the direction of their companies, align their leadership team, achieve results and create long-term sustainability. Our courses are offered on an open enrollment basis or as company dedicated classes at your location or off site.

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Brian Joiner, Ph.D., first coined the term Fourth Generation Management in his book of the same title in the early ’90s to describe the progression that leaders and managers must follow to ensure sustainability for their businesses. The four generations are – 1) Management by doing; 2) Management by direction; 3) Management by results; and 4) Management by method. Most organizations are firmly planted in the 3rd generation – Management by results and wondering why their organizations are not able to sustain results. Only by moving to the fourth generation can leaders ensure that their organizations will continue to thrive.

This is a program designed specifically for leaders who are interested in understanding the new generation of management. In this hands-on workshop, we will help leaders better understand the Voice of the Customer, the need for systems thinking, the understanding of variation and its impact on daily management and how to better understand the basic principles needed in the move the fourth generation.



The Balanced Scorecard Concept posed by Kaplan and Norton, in their book by the same title, start to understand the importance of looking at a balanced set of measures that address the various views of an organization’s stakeholders. A Balanced Scorecard provides not only a financial perspective, but looks at the organization from a customer, operational and employee perspective. By balancing measures, the organization’s leaders are better able to synchronize and align the organization’s results to achieve exceptional performance.

This course is designed to be an introduction to the Balanced Scorecard concept and provide an overview of customer, operational, employee and financial perspectives. Because all organizations are different, the balanced scorecard and associated weighting of measurements can be designed and tailored to a specific situation. Participants will learn the and explore the basic measures within each of the Balance Scorecard’s four categories, understand how the measures are related to each other and how the organization can use the Balanced Scorecard to drive accountability in producing exceptional results.

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