Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination

Without an Integrator to turn a vision into reality, a Visionary is far less likely to succeed long-term and realize the company’s ultimate goals—likewise, with no Visionary, an Integrator can’t rise to his or her full potential. When these two people share their natural talents and innate skill sets, they have the power to reach new heights for virtually any company or organization.

This explosive combination is the key to getting everything you want out of your business!

Rocket Fuel explains the critical roles of the Visionary and Integrator and how a relationship between the two can thrive. It can even help Visionaries and Integrators find one another. Rocket Fuel includes assessments to help you determine if you’re a Visionary or an Integrator so you can recognize your needs and find the best partner to suit them.


About Rocket Fuel:

“Contrary to popular belief, it takes not one but two entrepreneurs to build a great company, and they have dramatically different roles. In this brilliant book, Gino and Mark explain the vital importance of having both a Visionary and an Integrator—and show how that relationship can provide the “rocket fuel” your company needs to achieve its full potential.”

Bo Burlingham

Editor-at-large, Inc. Magazine, & author of Small Giants and Finish Big: How Great Entrepreneurs Exit Their Companies on Top

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