REDLINE Enterprise Performance is a high octane profitable growth strategy designed to maximize your organizations throughput potential. REDLINE uses a systematic approach that blends the major improvement methodologies; Lean, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints to generate breakthrough performance.

Redline Is…

• A strategy for near exponential growth
• A set of tactics to synchronize efforts
• An step-by-step implementation system
• A catalyst aligning the leadership team’s actions
• A stretch from the current paradigm

Growth Requires…

• Clarity – envisioning what is possible
• Capability – developing the ability to get there
• Collaboration – vulnerability based trust
• Confidence – calculated and managed risks

Redline Focus Implementation Process

Step 1


We do a first cut filter to understand the potential available. Unfortunately, REDLINE is not achievable for all companies.

Step 2


We do a comprehensive analysis of the potential available, customize a strategy and tactics tree and present the plan to the leadership team. We present our approach and financial structure of how it works.

Step 3


We spend 4 days with the leadership team taking them through their customized Strategy & Tactics Tree to gain buy-in and commitment to what is possible. We look for 100% commitment from each member of the leadership team before moving forward.

Step 4


We develop a comprehensive project plan from the Strategy & Tactics Tree to drive our actions. We monitor our actions relative to the plan to ensure that we are staying on-track, on-budget and within scope.

Step 5


We need to ensure that whatever actions are undertaken and improvements made, that they can be sustained long-term, otherwise we can’t count it as a win.

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