Until now, TOC (Theory of Constraints) has lacked a systemic approach to sales management. In Reengineering the Sales Process, Justin Roff-Marsh presents a comprehensive and carefully reasoned approach to the design, resourcing and management of this critical process. This approach applies process-engineering principles to mechanize the process (standardization, division of labor and automation); and drum-buffer-rope to synchronize its operation. The result is a process where salespeople focus exclusively on business-development appointments (five a day, five days a week); where all activities are scheduled by a central sales support team; where commissions and bonuses are eliminated and where management has insight into and control over activities at the most granular level possible. As well as theory, this book provides guidance on execution. How exactly to generate sales opportunities, how to manage promotional expenditure, how to work with resellers, and how to produce effective collateral material. It also contains a set of case studies on how to apply the Sales Process Engineering (SPE) suggested by the author.

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